ment for the initial consultation is expected at the conclusion of your conference with your attorney, unless other arrangements have been made.

Personal Profile
Any Agreements
Marriage Information
Marital Relationships

Prior marriages of Client/Spouse

If yes, give the following information for each former marriage:

If Your Children Are Minors
Financial Profile
Income Husband Wife Joint
Monthly Earned Income
Monthly Social Security Income
Monthly Pension Income
Other Monthly Income

List all Real Property (i.e., land or homes) owned by you and how title is held:

- Please provide “Grant Deeds” for all California real property.
Cash (checking accounts, savings accounts, CDs, or money markets)

Automobiles, Boats and RV’s

Securities (common stock, preferred stock, corporate bonds, mutual funds)

Retirement or other employee benefits including 401(k), IRA or Keogh accounts, include the names of the beneficiaries of these benefits.

Life Insurance which you own
Business Interests
List your tangible personal property of significant value
Other Assets
Summary of Values
  Name Telephone
Personal Attorney
Financial Advisor
Life Insurance Agent

Successor Trustees and Executors: After your death, who do you want carrying out your instructions, for distribution of your estate and, if desired, for management of the property for your beneficiaries. The primary criteria for trustee is trustworthiness. This person should also be good with the management of time and money

First Successor Trustee (or Executor):
Second Successor Trustee (or Executor):
Third Successor Trustee (or Executor)(Optional):

Disposition of Your Estate (Who do you want to be your Beneficiaries?)

How do you wish the remainder of your estate to be distributed?

If you have children:
If you don’t have children:

Powers of Attorney for Legal and Financial Affairs: If you were unable to make legal or financial decisions for yourself, who would you want to make those decisions for you?


Advanced Health Care Directive: If you were unable to make health care decisions for yourself, who would you want to make those decisions for you?


Special Instructions

Disposition of Remains: Any special burial or funeral instructions for your executor?


Autopsy: Should your agent have the authority to request an autopsy?

End of Life Decisions: Do you wish to be kept on life support should you be in an irreversible coma or vegetative state?

Relief From Pain: Do you wish the use of medications to alleviate pain and suffering even if they may hasten the moment of death?

Other Wishes: Do you wish food and hydration to be continued if you are in an irreversible coma?

Organ Donation: Do you wish to make any anatomical donations?

There are time requirements and disclosure requirements that need to be complied with in order to have a valid premarital agreement. Please return this questionnaire immediately.

You cannot validly waive spousal support unless both sides are represented by an attorney. Just because both sides are represented does not mean that a court cannot set aside an invalid waiver.

Spousal support waivers may still not apply if a court finds them unconscionable at the time of the dissolution (or at the time one party tries to enforce the waiver).

Premarital agreement document review and signing appointments are typically available Monday through Friday starting at 8:30 a.m. Afternoon appointments must usually commence by 4:30 p.m. Exceptions are made for emergencies and special circumstances.

Thank you for allowing us to be of service with your family law needs!